Ajayebe didani

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The benefits of watching movies are immense. Sitting in a theater with your friends munching on popcorns and sipping your favourite smoothie you watch your favourite actors battle aliens in a larger than life frame. You feel excited, scared, emotional and happy during those two and a half hours; you are transferred to a world away from reality and you enjoy every moment of it. As you walk out of the theater doors, you feel rejuvenated, de-stressed and realize that you had, even for a few hours at least, forgotten about the troubles of day to day life. I read somewhere that certain therapists have actually prescribed films to help patients overcome obstacles like depression or a slump in their emotional well being. So what are the ways in which they benefit us? Read along to find out!
There are movies made on social issues which are very much pertinent to our society. Movies on matters such as dowry, caste system, honour killing and socio economic divide often help create the needed awareness about the issues. They arouse the long gone conscience in people when they see individuals going through such difficult situations even if it is on screen. So yes, movies help and work in delivering important messages to the society.
Perhaps you held your girlfriend’s hand in public when you went to see a movie with her. Perhaps it was also the first time you kissed her; it all happens in the movie hall for so many couples. It is the place where you are not judged for going out together; or you are not looked at with skepticism more so in places like India. If it weren’t for movies; we wouldn’t have the theaters which are hangout havens; if I may say so; for the younger generation in love.

So you are in dire need for some excitement or thrill but your boss isn’t sanctioning that long overdue leave of yours. It has been ages since you have gone to the outdoors. What do you do? Do you wait for the ever evading holidays to have an exhilarating experience or do you do something about it? There are ample movies to take you through spine-tingling excitement till you actually find time for some actual outdoor escapade. Yes movies offer you an avenue for this too!

Do you remember the last time you laughed your heart out while watching a movie? I do and I also recall it was among some of the very rare moments when I actually had a good uninhibited laugh. Well that’s what a good comedy does to you. It is as much a way to lighten the mood as it is a way to bond. I can never forget the night outs in hostels where the girls and I watched back to back comedy films, laughed together and, for some weird reason, grew closer as friends and companions.

It may sound clichéd though but hey, it isn’t clichéd for nothing! It has been proven time and again that watching your favourite romantic movies with your favourite ice-cream or wine is a great way to get over your broken heart. You must have seen such scenes over and over again in movies and you know it’s indeed true! The movie takes your mind off him, you sob in the beginning but gradually the movie is able to heal you and you are ready for another shot at love.